La Truffe Finale

Some idiot I know started a food blog a week before coming down with a 2-month illness, during which she could not stomach the thought of food, let alone cooking, photographing, eating and writing about it. That idiot is me. And that illness is otherwise known as Pregnancy.

I would love to rant about how completely awful morning sickness is, and how I felt completely unprepared for just how awful it would be due to some international conspiracy of women not complaining it. About how there must be a handbook I missed out on that outlines the words you’re supposed to use, like ‘wonderful’, ‘life-changing,’ and ‘miracle’ and bans the use of ‘sux,’ ‘shit,’ and ‘like-having-a-disease.’ About how it feels as though admitting that pregnancy sucks is akin to saying you hate puppies and clearly means you’re doing it wrong. And how the people around you are too busy being joyful on your behalf to be sympathetic to the fact that you’re living your worst three hangovers on a constant loop for weeks… and weeks… and weeks, but with no parties. Instead, let me be brief and simply say that:

Love of food is love of life.

Without an appetite or ability to cook, when the smell or sight of food only brings on powerful nausea for a full six weeks, one can really lose their will to get up in the morning. But I am pleased (and relieved) to announce that I am finally past the worst of it. I can cook again! And look at a vegetable without vomiting. Halle-fucking-lujah! Praise Toast Norma!

So I’m back and yes, growing a tiny vegan Berber/Kiwi human inside my guts. And I look forward to sharing my preggo food adventures with you. But first, another announcement…

I’m playing a show. And not just a show, but a food/wine/music-type show. Specifically a gig and truffle tasting. My hometown of Christchurch is having it’s very first Truffle Festival next month and because of my well-known fungi obsession, I have snagged the final slot of the week for my event – LA TRUFFE FINALE. It’s July 19th from 6pm and will include a concert by moi and a bunch of vegetarian/vegan truffle canapés and matching wines. Tickets are super limited so get in quick –

Right, back to making an Earthling from scratch. NBD.

Flip Grater - La Truffe Finale - for WEB

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