The Attachment Parenting Turncoat

Like every other first-time-pregnant, obsessive-middle-class-white-woman-with-a-blog, I spent my pregnancy reading all the birth and parenting books, watching all the birth and parenting docos and bookmarking all the birth and parenting blogs. What quickly became clear to me was that there were two types of parents: Attachment Parents, and lazy, selfish parents. So I signed up….

A Good Excuse For Cookies

I’ve actually never been a sweet-tooth, give me salty or smoky food any day. But the chocolate cravings I’ve been having since breastfeeding put my pregnancy cravings to shame. Plus, since the 6-week mark (and with the hot weather) pumping has been difficult and well, mama needs her freezer supply for wine tastings. Enter: Lactation…

Food That Tastes Like Hugs

Reasons pregnancy is like one long regression into baby/toddlerhood: You become increasingly clumsy and off-balance You discover the amazing comfort of floating/balancing belly-down in the bath You want your Mum Cuddles, stretching, massage all feel 60% better than usual During the 1st trimester you can’t stand the idea of vegetables and have to sneak them into…

The Superhero Diet

Flip’s Vegan Pregnancy ‘Go-Suck-It-Old-School-Preggo-Books-And-Un-informed-Doctors’ Diet – Winter Edition At 22 weeks I am finally winning at pregnancy. I totally thought I was going to be a whinging pain for nine months but I was only a whinging pain for three, now I’m annoyingly perky. (I’m keeping some whinging in the bank for late pregnancy, don’t worry)….