Food That Tastes Like Hugs

Reasons pregnancy is like one long regression into baby/toddlerhood:

  • You become increasingly clumsy and off-balance
  • You discover the amazing comfort of floating/balancing belly-down in the bath
  • You want your Mum
  • Cuddles, stretching, massage all feel 60% better than usual
  • During the 1st trimester you can’t stand the idea of vegetables and have to sneak them into dishes (this was the case for me at least)
  • Also during that picky 1st trimester you can only handle a single taste or texture at a time, and finds yourself physically separating elements on a plate.

This was one of my go-to dishes when I couldn’t stomach much. It’s from my soft, salty phase. This is not really cooking, as much as surviving on salty carbs with token green vegetable.

Warm Lemony Orzo


Bring 1 litre of vegetable or vegetarian chicken stock to the boil. Add 1 C of dry orzo, a tsp of chopped lemon rind and 1/4 C of frozen peas. Cook for 6-8 mins until orzo is soft and stock is mostly evaporated, leaving a thick, risotto-y texture. Add salt, black pepper and fresh lemon juice to taste.

Optional – finish with a spoonful of vegan margarine, dairy-free parmesan, nutritional yeast and/or chopped parsley.


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